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Katch fishing was started by me Tyler Kruenegel in my Grandpas garage.  I had recently gotten into striper fishing and had caught the top water bug.  Coming from a do it yourself family I had gotten into making my own lures mainly salmon jigs.  

I decided it couldn't be to hard to make some wood top water plugs.  The challenge proved greater than I thought having no help in the area and no lathe.  I started by rounding off 2x2 using a belt sander until I had a shape I felt was pretty round then playing with weights until it worked. 

My first day out fishing these ugly things I had created there happened to be large boils going on for hours and I caught fish every cast for hours.  What I noticed is the fish caught on my wood plugs were larger than those being caught on plastic rattle baits.  

I went home and decided to do some research where I found Stripersonline with years of knowledge on those forums I went and bought a lathe and got to creating something improved and better looking.  

Shortly after finishing my first run of lures I was out on a striper live bait drifting trip where we did very well catching a dozen fish over 10 lbs.  In the evening we decided to give my new plugs a go however we only had rods with 12lb mono on them.  6 plugs and 6 broken off fish later I needed to go home make some new plugs and get back out there with proper gear.

The next day I heard from my buddy the Informative fisherman wanting get out there with me so in a day I knocked out a few new plugs and got out the next day with him where this happened...



From there Katch was born and our goal from there has been to give anglers the best chance to feed there top water obsession as we can.  

Every single plug is still hand made in my Grandpas garage and handled only by me during the building process.


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